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Biofood Probiotica for dogs and cats
Biofood Probiotica for dogs and cats
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 Biofood Probiotica for dogs and cats


Biofood Probiotica contains health promoting bacteria that create an optimal intestinal balance and promote the general health of dogs and cats.

Biofood Probiotica is a liquid living microbiological food supplement, with a special and unique composition, developed on the basis of the most recent probiotic findings.

Biofood Probiotica:

  •     Improves intestinal flora;
  •     Improves resistance (accelerates recovery from illness or after an antibiotics course of treatment);
  •     Improves the digestion and absorption of food;
  •     Supports in the event of problems with bowel movements;
  •     Supports in the event of skin and fur problems;
  •     Elevates the level of energy (such as in the event of listlessness);
  •     Gives a healthier and fitter feeling;
  •     Remedies flatulence and a bloating
  •     Has a detoxifying effect.

For dogs and cats.

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