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Bach Flower Remedies for Animals - Chicory
Bach Flower Remedies for Animals - Chicory
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Weight: Chicory 15 gram globules

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Supra-Cell Bach Flower Remedies for Animals - nr 8 Chicory

(possessive behavior)


Short characteristic of the animal:

Self-confident dogs who want attention permanently, won’t allow any others to have attention, that bark loud and destroy things if left alone, they want to protect their home and family, they are jealous and possessive.



For dogs whose guarding instinct is excessive, for dogs that are extremely defensive, barking loud at almost eveything, jealousy (eg, new family member), possessiveness that is accompanied by lack of confidence.


The virtue of Chicory is loving without conditions

Dosage and administration

Administer the globules directly in the mouth, over the feed or dissolved in the drinking water.

Small animals 2-5 globules
Large animals 5 - 10 globules

For acute problems such as panic, injury or trauma, acute anxiety, pain or illness, the Bach flower remedy may be given frequently,  2 - 3 doses over 5 -7 days.(or even every few seconds if necessary)

For chronic or mild conditions 1-2 doses over 4 to 6 weeks.

Please note that you should always consult your veterinarian should you have any questions about your pet's health.

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