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Essential 100% natural lavender oil has a calming effect
Essential 100% natural lavender oil has a calming effect
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Lavender oil is of French origin's and 100% pure essential oil

Lavender - oil against insect bites (summer eczema), nervousness and calming coughs and can also be used in case of injuries.

Dosage and administration


A few drops mixed with jojoba - oil on eczema or mixed with green clay for injuries in general.

As steam for cough, 5 drops in a bucket, then pour hot water over it and let the horse inhale. be careful that he does not burn the nose.

In nervous animals to use as a sedative,
to 3-5 drops mixed with jojoba - oil on the forehead or rub the Nostrils and distribute a few drops in the barn.
Also very helpfull for people to:
Our Lavender - oil is to use even as a gargle for sore throats, to 4 - 5 drops in a glass of water and rinse.

For headaches massage directly to the forehead.
Attach with insomnia a few drops on the pillow.
To relax, give 10 drops in the bath water.

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