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Cerea Toothbrush Dog Chews 3 sizes
Cerea Toothbrush Dog Chews 3 sizes

Cerea means fresher breath through reduced bacterial growth, only 3% fat, the dog can never get too much, new and unusual shapes and colors, excellent acceptance and 100% vegetarian, made from compounded vegetable fibres with natural colourings making them a healthy alternative to all breeds of dog.

Available in S, M and Large

wheat starch, glycerine, vegetable fibers, lecithin, herbal flavors.

Moisture 5.8%
Crude fat 3.0%
Crude protein 1.9%
Crude ash 0.9%
Crude fiber 8.1%

manufactured by Antos Ltd.

Prices, Weights and Measures

Weight: 1 small 9 cm

Price: € 0.70
In Stock
Weight: 1 medium 10 cm

Price: € 1.01
In Stock
Weight: 1 large 14 cm

Price: € 1.48
In Stock
Weight: 1 extra large 19 cm

Price: € 2.40
In Stock

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